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Ring Cone

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The pictures below show how to make a coned stack of O rings on the penis.  If you lubricate the glans before you make the assembly be sure to keep all the lubrication away from the skin that will make contact with the rings or they will slip off.  The use of a small amount of water based lubricant (obstetrics jelly such as K-Y) on the glans only will help reduce keritisation of the skin and avoid creasing the surface of the glans.  You will find that very little of this lubricant goes a long way.  If the skin is difficult to pull through grip the skin between a piece of cotton towelling or cloth. 

This method is used primarily to tension the outer shaft skin.  To be able to use this method a certain amount of slack skin is needed.  It is particularly useful if you have been 'cut loose' in other words you have been left a reasonable amount of inner foreskin behind the glans and so need to tension and grow the shaft skin.  This method does concentrate on the shaft skin nearest the glans so stretches the least hairy and softer shaft skin.

One of the principal advantages of this 'cone' style is that the glans are cradled through the forward skin and so evens the presure on the skin under the rings.  This is in contrast to a stack of rings the same size where the sharp bend in the skin as it goes under the ring nearest the shaft can be uncomfortable, reduce blood flow to skin and perhaps make the skin sore at that point.  The coned system avoids any sudden or drastic change in skin direction. 

Fig1 Add the largest ring first.

Fig2 Add the second largest ring.

Fig3 Continue to add all rings and stretch skin under the rings.  Adjust the position of the rings and make sure they are tightly against each other.

Fig4 The rings now form a cone shape.  The shape could easily accommodate more rings at the end of the stack of the same size or each size ring could be doubled up as the skin grows.

Fig5 Inserting a plastic 'keeper' or 'plug' to stop the skin folding inward so allowing the rings to slip off.  This could also be used the other way up but the keeper would have to be placed on top of the glans first and the rings built up afterwards.  Using a hollow keeper may allow for urination depending on the circumstances.

Fig6 Pull the skin back to expose inner skin that will try to retract back after the keeper is inserted.  Friction and the natural desire for the skin to equalise will hold the keeper in place.  The splayed end should stop the keeper being pulled inward beyond the small ring.

Fig7 All complete.

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